Top 5 Things To Do In Anguilla

The Island of Anguilla is everything you would want from a Caribbean Island – sprawling white beaches, a fresh ocean breeze and infinite shade providing palm trees. These magnificent views provide the backdrop for The 5 Things To Do In Anguilla.

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1: Sandy Island

Take a ride on a luxurious boat to a heavenly piece of paradise – Sandy Island – an oasis of sand surrounded by the crystal blue ocean and only magnificent views.  Sandy Island is complete with a bar, amazing sea food restaurants and activities like diving and snorkeling.  This cay is the perfect spot to relax and take in the surrounding beauty. This is an excursion to enjoy with family and friends and a “must visit” for everyone’s’ bucket list.

2: Gwen’s Reggae Grill

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Knock back an ice-cold beer and enjoy the famous Caribbean cuisine at Gwen’s Reggae ‘Grill.  This brightly colored beach bar sits exquisitely atop the Upper Shoal Beach Bay. This gem comes to life on a Sunday with live Reggae music and dancing, making it the perfect spot to kick back on a hammock and enjoy the lively ambiance.

3: Scilly Cay

Set on a tiny island off of the coast of idyllic Island Harbor in East End Anguilla, Scilly Cay is described as a slice of heaven.

Serving cool rum punches, tasty lobster, crayfish and pasta salad, the food is just as impressive as its five-star location. With much to explore on this “island on an island” Scilly Cay is the perfect adventure place to discover as a family.

4: Little Bay

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Little Bay offers a secluded, gorgeous beach full of amazing sand with stunning snorkeling. The water-only access means that you will only have to share the beach with a handful of other people. It is one of the slightly more hidden gems, but a brilliant gem indeed, in Anguilla.

5: Wreck Diving

For those who know the greatness of what lies under the surface of its shores, Anguilla is the ideal destination for wreck diving enthusiasts.  Several large ships lie just under water, of which there are 9 wrecks worth exploring. This is the ideal adventure for diving enthusiasts.

These gems nestled on this gorgeous island make Anguilla the ultimate vacation destination.

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