Top 10 Reasons to Visit Anguilla

If you have ever been to Anguilla, then this list is totally superfluous. However, for those that still want to know why they should choose Anguilla as their vacation destination of choice here are our Top 10 Reasons to Visit Anguilla.

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1: The Beaches

You will say that the Caribbean is blessed with myriads of great beaches, so why Anguilla Beaches. Firstly, Anguilla beaches are pristine and gorgeous and there are over 30 of the world’s top beaches on a really tiny island. This means, that no matter where you are, the beach is never far away.

Whether you choose Shoal Bay, Crocus Bay or any other of the great beaches, the sand is always white and soft. The waters are postcard Caribbean blue and best of all, there is ample privacy. You stand a very good chance of having the most gorgeous beach all to your relaxing self.

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2: The Food

Anguilla is blessed to be a foodies heaven & thats one of our Top 10 Reasons to Visit Anguilla. From the local street fair on the side of the road to the high- end dining at some of Anguilla’s top restaurants, there is something to please every palate. The menus are varied with unique local ingredients and the freshest local produce. The only thing that beats the delectable taste of Anguillian cuisine is some of the restaurant settings. Whether you are dining on an open-air patio overlooking the ocean or in a private restaurant gazebo on the beach, the dining settings in Anguilla are breathtaking.

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3: The Privacy

The privacy of Anguilla is renowned among the rich and famous. It is why people like Michael Jordan and many other A-listers come to Anguilla. The airport is accessible mainly by private jet. It is this privacy that ensures the tranquility of the island and the space for all those that vacation in Anguilla. The vacation properties reflect the desire for privacy with many properties ensuring their own beach access & this exclusivity is why it makes our list of Top 10 Reasons to Visit Anguilla. Note though that all beaches on the island are public beaches.

4: The People

The friendly nature of the Anguillian locals is legendary. Local Anguillian’s love to show off the best the island offers. Whether it is the music or the food, local Anguillian’s love sharing their culture with holiday makers. The friendly nature of the people is very much felt in the service at the local restaurants and bars.

5: The Music

Anguilla has some great music spots. The music is a mix of Caribbean music like Calypso and Reggae. Anguilla legends like Omari Banks play live at Da’Vida’s. Anguilla also has great music festivals. These festivals feature local music and musicians and contemporary artists and music. Like everything in Anguilla, the music has a relaxed feeling to it. Sandy Ground on a Thursday night is a location on the bucket-list of every die-hard music fan. The Pumphouse at Sandy Ground is a barn-like tavern where local musicians heat the party up.

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6: The Properties

Exclusivity is something that comes to mind when you think of the vacation properties in Anguilla. The island is littered with some of the most luxurious villas. Whether you are looking for a resort type villa or something completely private, there is Anguilla vacation rental spots to suit your needs. These properties not only offer some of the most breathtaking ocean views but are also fully stocked with fine kitchen appliances. Anguilla Villas and properties are positioned to cater to A-listers and celebrities and have amenities that would match the list of amenities in the best properties in the world.

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7: The Price

It is obvious that Anguilla offers a high class vacation experience. You would expect that a vacation in Anguilla would be beyond the budget of most people. While the prices are high, they are not exorbitant and when you consider all the things that an Anguillian vacation brings, you will realize that the prices are most certainly worth it. Resorts like the Fountain Ocean Residences offer a great Anguillian vacation with more budget conscious prices. Rooms from $130.

8: The Shopping

You would not expect an island that imports most of its goods to be a great shopping destination but the local shops offer unique products that you simply could not get anywhere else. Shops like Irie Life offer some of the most quirky and uniquely Anguillian T-Shirts. You could also pick up an Anguillian crafted purse from the Limin Boutique.

There is also high-end shopping for those that want to but for the most part spend your time shopping the great crafts that are made by the locals.

9: The Adult Beverages

Do we really need to elaborate on why this is our list of Top 10 Reasons to Visit Anguilla.

We have already mentioned the food but Anguilla Bars and Pubs serve some of the best drinks in the Caribbean. Daiquiris on the beach or a good island rum mix at Elvis’ on Sandy Ground, there are great drinks to be had all over the island. The fine restaurants have wine menus to rival the best New York City wine menus, without the New York City chaos. Champagne, Red Stripe Beer and many other great beers are also available with great variety in Anguilla.

10: The Location

Anguilla offers great privacy but it is not impossible to get to. It is a 25-minute boat ride from neighboring islands like St. Maarten. St. Maarten is less than a 2 hour flight from Miami with direct flights from many other major US cities.

This list is only necessary to get you to visit Anguilla the first time. Once you have visited Anguilla you will realize that there is a plethora of reasons to visit Anguilla. Most Anguilla visitors return to Anguilla as their preferred vacation destination.

Thanks so much for making it all the way this list. We’re super appreciative! What do you think? Did we miss anything? We would love to hear your thoughts and get your feedback. Please comment below & feel free to share this content with your friends.

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