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Caribbean is just another way of saying sand, surf, sun and fun, some people like to call it the beach for short. If you are visiting the Caribbean, you are likely looking for a destination that offers great Caribbean Beaches. The Caribbean has great beaches in abundance.

Here are some of the islands you would want to visit and the beaches they have.

Anguilla Beaches

Anguilla is a small little island with great beaches. More than 30 of the world’s best beaches. 33 beaches in 16 miles of island to be exact. Good ratio. Whether it is Crocus Bay, Shoal Bay or Sandy Bay, you will find the Caribbean turquoise blue water and the soft white sands. There are plenty dining options on the beaches of Anguilla with great activities like wind-sailing and snorkeling also to be enjoyed. More on Anguilla.

Aruba Beaches

Aruba is blessed with fantastic weather all year round and they have the beaches to back it up with. Eagle Beach is known as one of the best swimming beaches in the world with powdery white sand and very gentle surf.

St. John Beaches

The majestic island settings for St. Johns beaches make them some of the most attractive beaches in the world. Trunk Bay is known for 225 yards of untouched coral reef passageways that could easily be snorkeled from the beach.

St Maarten Beaches

St Maarten Beaches have a lot of European influence from the French and Dutch cultures on the island. There is still a lot of Caribbean island flair with great food options and sundowners for the beach. St. Maarten is also famous for the beach that borders the runway. More on St Maarten


Barbados is yet another West Indian gem of an island. The people are fun-loving and the atmosphere is warm and friendly. Crane Beach is known for great surfing conditions with big waves. This is a real thrill for surfers and experienced swimmers.

The best thing about Caribbean Beaches is the fact that you are never far from some great cuisine, calypso music and a rum inspired afternoon sundowner.


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