My Week In Anguilla | A Step By Step Itinerary.

week in anguilla

I have gone to Anguilla many times and each time I go I want to soak in as much of the island as I can. People that keep on going to Anguilla have a unique camaraderie, I have therefore compiled a schedule based on my many trips of the best week to be had in Anguilla.

Where to stay?

The best value for money place to stay is the Fountain Shoal Bay. It gives quick and easy access to Shoal Bay and many other great Anguilla attractions. The accommodation is very spacious and comfortable but still very affordable. Spectacular views and incredibly friendly service is what the Fountain Shoal Bay has become renowned for. Highly recommend it.

Fountain anguilla residences balcony

Day 1- Sunday

There is a lot of thought in arriving in Anguilla on Sunday. Weekends in Anguilla are a special occasion and you want to sandwich your trip between a Sunday and a Saturday. Fly into St. Maarten and take one of the many boat services from St. Maarten to Anguilla. When you book at the Fountain, they always have great advice on these kinds of travel arrangements.

Once you have checked in head straight to Shoal Bay East. Don’t get caught up in the incredible Shoal Bay Beaches because you will have plenty of time for that. Get straight to Gwen’s Bar. Gwen’s is an amazing Anguilla landmark. The music on Sunday at Gwen’s is a great way to welcome you to the calypso island-style of Anguilla. The food and drinks are fantastic too.

gwensreggae bar image anguilla

Day 2- Monday

Anguilla is all about relaxation, great food and great vibes. Head to Mead’s Bay. Mead’s Bay is one of the best of Anguilla’s numerous incredible beaches. I personally love to sink my toes in the sand in the picturesque beach chairs while enjoying great food and drinks from Blanchard’s Beach Shack. Let the sound of the calm waters soothe you as you sip on a great island mix.

Relax at Mead’s Bay till every sinew and muscle is at optimal tranquility and then head to Mango’s for dinner. The seafood at Mango’s is incredible and the relaxing atmosphere in the open-air restaurant is fine dining and island style at their absolute best.

blanchards beach shack anguilla

Day 3- Tuesday

You need to spend an entire day on Shoal Bay. I always begin the trip with a taste of Shoal Bay at Gwen’s. Then I give it the proper respect it deserves by spending a whole day there on the third day of my trips. Get there early to ensure you get yourself a chair at Medeariman’s. Shoal Bay is my personal paradise. It is a treasure. The tranquil turquoise blue waters and powdery white sand seem to stretch endlessly. Take a walk, have a swim, order food from Medeariman’s, read a book, relax and repeat. It is that sequence that makes Shoal Bay my favorite Anguilla spot ever.

madearimans anguilla

Day 4- Wednesday

Every time I go to Anguilla, I always have that little inner child that feels like I am Robinson Crusoe discovering the island. There is no better way to get your Robinson Crusoe fix than by traveling to Scilly Cay. Scilly Cay is a small island outlet close to the shores of Anguilla. It is far enough to make you feel like an adventurer but close enough to make it easy to access.  The island is untouched. The very natural restaurant and bar on the island serves up great food and drinks for you to enjoy.

scilly cay anguilla

Day 5- Thursday

I always make my 5th day my option and active day. Not overly active but relaxingly active.  There are some things that are not negotiable and are not options though even on this day. It is one thing. That is that I must be at Da’Vida’s for lunch. Da’Vida’s is located on Crocus Bay and is the island benchmark for great food and drinks on the seashore. Dine with your feet in the sand or at a table at the beautiful restaurant. Da’Vida’s usually has great island music and is not negotiable. You must go to Da’Vida’s.

friendly service at Da'Vida Bayside anguilla

Once you are at Crocus Bay, you have a lot of options. If you are a real go-getter you can get around to doing everything. Here are some things that I like to do. Take a dinghy out and snorkel over at Little Bay. You can mix it up and rent sea kayaks or paddle boards. The water is so calm and the reefs are so gorgeous that even the active stuff is very relaxing.

For dinner go over to Artisan’s Neapolitan Pizza, where they make real brick oven pizza and Italian dishes. They of course add island flair and flavor to their dishes and the versatile setting could be romantic or just easy-going.

Day 6-Friday

The highlight of my Friday’s in Anguilla is always dinner at Veya’s. There is a lot to do in between though. I like to go to Sandy Island for lunch and spend the rest of the afternoon reflecting and taking in as much of Anguilla as I can. Don’t eat too much though, because you want to have an appetite for Veya’s.

Veya’s is high-end dining, Anguilla style at its very best. The menu is an eclectic mix of the finest ingredients put together by the Veya master chef. If you are feeling like you need to get as much of Veya as you can then order the Chef’s sampling entrée. It is a delightful mix of incredible dishes. The wine list is also very impressive and ensure that you ask the chef to get a wine that compliments your dish. It never fails.

veya restaurant anguilla

Day 7-Saturday

My last day in Anguilla always starts the same, with breakfast at Geraud’s. If time allows, I always think of my favorite spot and go there one more time. The island is small and the Fountain is well situated to usually allow for it. It is then a sad but see you again farewell to Anguilla.

CeBlue Annual Golf Tournament in Anguilla April 20-24 2017

CeBlue Annual Golf Tournament

The CeBlue Annual Golf Tournament is sure to be a weekend of fun for all involved. The tournament is set to bring participants the best Anguilla offers with a smattering of golf. This means world class beaches, luxury accommodations and relaxing golf.

CeBlue Annual Golf Tournament

CeBlue Annual Golf Tournament Accommodations

All tournament participants will stay in a luxury, private King Suite in a 5-bedroom villa. The stay at the villa includes access to all the amenities of the CeBlue resort club. The villas are fully fitted with high speed wi-fi and luxury furnishings.

CeBlue Villa accommodation is in a luxury class of its own. Each King Suite is furnished with fine linens and an outstanding view of Crocus Bay.

Some of the amenities at the CeBlue Resort Club include beachfront access, on site dining, 24hr concierge and a full workout room.


CeBlue Annual Golf Tournament

Participants in the tournament receive a meet and greet at St. Maarten’s Princess Julianna International Airport. They will then be transported to a private boat that will take them the 25-minute boat ride to Anguilla. Drinks will be served on the boat ride. Private transfer will then be provided from the boat to CeBlue Villas and Beach Resort.


CeBlue Annual Golf Tournament

Participants in the CeBlue Golf Tournament will enjoy full continental breakfast each morning at the Blue Bar. Lunch will be served at the Beach Club and buffet style dinner at the Blue Bar.

The Blue Bar is known for the incredible artisan pizza from their brick oven. The Blue Bar also has an excellent wine list to complement their menu. Take advantage of the Blue Bar’s wonderful poolside menu also.

The Tournament

CeBlue Annual Golf Tournament

The tournament will take place at the Cuisinart golf course.  The course was designed by golfing great Greg Norman. Situated on Rendezvous Bay, Cuisinart Golf Course has some of the most breathtaking scenery of any golf course in the world. With ample views of the ocean from all of the challenging holes. Cuisinart Golf Course is a proud member of the Great Golf Resorts in the World, a small number of the world’s best golf resorts and courses.

CéBlue Villas & Beach resort

CeBlue Annual Golf Tournament

Special Events and Dates

The CeBlue Annual Golf Tournament package includes 5 days and 4 nights in Anguilla. The reservation dates for the tournament are from April 20th to April 24th 2017.

April 20th 2017-  Grand welcome dinner with music from DJ Krave.

April 21st 2017-  18-hole golf tournament at Cuisinart Golf Course.

April 22nd 2017- We will present the awards at the party ceremony which will take place at Sandy Island. Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic beverages will be served with a party boat and a buffet style lunch.

Sandy Island is an experience. It is a small cay just off the coast and can only be accessed by boat or helicopter. It makes for the perfect spot for sun, afternoon drinks and relaxation.

Nearby Attractions

Attractions in Anguilla are endless, from fine dining to vibrant music at the various beach bars. Anguilla has over 33 pristine beaches. These picture card perfect beaches offer powdery white sands and Caribbean blue waters, perfect for sunbathing and snorkeling.

Da’Vida Bayside Grill is one of the most visited attractions in Anguilla. Relax on the beach while sipping a superb island mix and enjoying from the delectable Da’Vida menu.

We also suggest that you visit Gwen’s on Shoal Bay Beach. Shoal Bay itself is a gorgeous stretch of beach front with Gwen’s providing great cocktails and island style food to go along with it. Snorkeling off of Shoal Bay or off Mead’s Bay is a great way to explore the natural coral reef just off the shoreline.


The best direct flight options are to Saint Maarten with complimentary boat service to Anguilla. There are multiple direct flight options from numerous large airport hubs in the USA and Canada. Contact Sherri Brumm from Refined Retreats ( ) & she can help you with flight options & information

It is also possible to fly with private jet charter for direct flights into Anguilla. Our reservationists are ready to make your booking choices as smooth and as easy as can be.

Package Rate

The CeBlue Annual Golf Tournament is being introduced at a first-year rate of $4500 for singles and $5695 for doubles. With all that CeBlue and Anguilla offer, this is a price of unbeatable value on any other luxury vacation destination.

Tournament and accommodation space is extremely limited and filling up fast. Participants will be able to reserve on a first come, first serve basis by sending an e-mail to

Fountain Shoal Bay Food Options

fountain food option

If you are staying at the Fountain Shoal Bay in Anguilla, you have already made a good choice. Here are some of the dining options to enhance your stay. The Fountain Shoal Bay food is within walking distance & there are some great dining options. Lets take a look at your options.

Fountain Shoal Bay Food Options


Madeariman’s is one of the best restaurants in the Fountain Shoal Bay Area with its prime location in Shoal Bay. Ravaged by fire late last year its already been rebuilt and entertaining & welcoming visitors with its island charm. The menu has a lot of French influence but the prices are set very fair to enjoy a lovely meal on the beach.

Fountain Shoal Bay restaurant madearimans

Tropical Sunset Restaurant and Bar

Also, located on the beach is the Tropical Sunset Restaurant and Bar. The menu is a great mix of barbecue, Caribbean, seafood and pub grub. The drinks are ever flowing with some wonderful mixes. The relaxed setting and beachside dining, make it an island favorite.

Fountain Shoal Bay tropical sunset restaurant and bar

Gwen’s Reggae Grill

Gwen’s restaurant is a great place to get your groove on with music. This is particularly true when the reggae comes on, on Sunday. The menu offers many great options and the bar is fully stocked with some great island drinks. Especially the rum punch.

Fountain Shoal Bay gwens reggae bar image

If you are looking to go out of Shoal Bay, then a four-minute drive away is Island Harbor with some more great eating out options.

Like :

Artisan Pizza Napoletana

If you crave good pizza, then Artisan must be the place to go for authentic brick oven pizza in Anguilla. The authentic brick oven is exactly what gives the pizza its real Italian flavor. The service is super friendly and there are many other great menu options.

Fountain Shoal Bay artisan pizza image

Your dining options at Fountain Shoal Bay are plenty and each restaurant has its own unique atmosphere and great island flair. We really hoped you found this post informative and it makes you want to visit our beautiful little island soon. Please leave your comments & suggestions below. We would love to hear from you even if its just to say Hi! Have a wonderful day. Sunny Regards.